Book spiderwebs

I recently stumbled onto a blog about self-publishing from David Gaughran, which has some really useful information about marketing books and working with the algorithms of E-Book publishers. It’s definitely worth a look if you’re planning on self-publishing.

In one post, Who’s Pointing At You? David introduces a tool that promises hours of amusement for nerds like me looking for an excuse to procrastinate (ahem) marketing analysis tools: It’s a visual representation of  the “Also Bought” connections related to the title you type into the search field (change the default search from “books” to “kindle store” if you want to see the Kindle recommendations).

David has a good explanation about why you would want to keep track of the connections that your book has, but since I don’t have anything published yet I amused myself by plugging in a couple of my favorite books into the search and got nifty spiderweb pictures to show for it. For instance, here’s the web for 1984 from George Orwell:



Many of the connections to and from 1984 are to other dystopian novels and classic literature, which isn’t surprising. A closer look reveals a cluster of Cliff Notes, which makes sense considering it’s often required reading in literature classes:


My Muse says I better stop surfing and looking at pretty pictures and get working on that revision so that I have something of my own to look up!

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