Science Fiction: Deviants

Behind every Science Fiction story lies a “What if…”. The major question behind the Deviants series is, “What if the solution to climate change and resource scarcity makes most of us less human?”

In the world of Deviants there is the Elite class, the creme-de-la-creme of society, who like to believe that they control the AIs that control everything else; there are the Hives, where the majority of humans live resource-efficiently as computing nodes; there are the Constructs, biologically engineered servants created to serve where robots would be too expensive; and then there are the Deviants, outsiders who can’t or won’t conform to any other group: the criminals, the outcasts, descendants of those who refused to join the Hives, and those who choose to live outside for their own reasons.


This story is about a group of Deviants, who band together out of necessity, and end up saving billions.